A brief Analysis of the present situation of the Development of the Global Fuse Market



Fuse industry market investigation and analysis report shows that chip fuse products are widely used in communication, computer, home appliances, automotive and other industrial fields of circuit protection and electromagnetic interference signal filtering. 
Fuses, that is, fuses, not only can protect other components, but also must have safety, which plays a very key role in circuit protection. 
When there is an abnormal overcurrent in the circuit that is not allowed, the fuse must act in a timely manner within a specified period of time. 
When the surge current occurs at the moment when the circuit is turned on or off (sometimes up to dozens of times the normal working current), the fuse should be able to withstand it without misoperation. 
What is the current situation of the global fuse market? 
It mainly presents the following three major points: 
First, the chip fuse market will continue to grow at a high speed. 
There are more and more portable and lightweight electronic products, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful, which are constantly infiltrating into every corner of people's production and life. at the same time, with the continuous improvement of engineers' ability and safety awareness of the overall circuit design, in the case of meeting the functional requirements of the product, more and more engineers pay more attention to the safety of the product. 
Even fake mobile phone manufacturers that do not use fuses are considering increasing the use of fuses, so the patch fuse market will continue to grow at a rate of about 10% a year in the future. 
Second, due to the continuous miniaturization and low power consumption of electronic products, the demand for fuses is also constantly miniaturization and small electrofluidization. 
At present, the mainstream size of the fuse is 0603, accounting for about 5060% of the total chip fuse market. It is expected that the demand proportion of 0402 will continue to rise in the future, and even 0201 of the application demand will appear in some applications. 
Third, the demand is diversified. 
As the current fuses are general-purpose parts, there are not too many series to deal with complex applications. 
With the variety of application circuits, customers continue to put forward personalized requirements for the performance of the fuse, which requires fuse to integrate more and more intelligent functions, so the fuse will appear intelligent, modular and other new markets in the future.

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