Conventional models and low capacitance models of ESD electrostatic suppressors



ESD is a subject formed since the middle of this century to study the generation and attenuation of static electricity, electrostatic discharge models, electrostatic discharge effects such as current thermal (spark) effects (such as electrostatic ignition and explosion) and electromagnetic effects (such as electromagnetic interference). 
In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the wide application of microelectronic technology and the increasing complexity of electromagnetic environment, more and more attention has been paid to the electromagnetic field effects of electrostatic discharge, such as electromagnetic interference ((EMI)) and electromagnetic compatibility ((EMC)). 
ESD static suppressor has always been characterized by anti-static, anti-surge and anti-interference. 
It is often used for communication lines and interfaces to protect sensitive electronic circuits from static electricity. 
The commonly used models of ESD protection devices are: 323 package RLSD32A031C, RLSD32A051C, RLSD32A031V, RLSD32A051V,SOT-23 RLST32A032V, RLST32A052V; high frequency circuit commonly used low capacitance models are: RLSD92Q051LC, RLSD32A031LC, RLSD32A051LC, RLSD32A081LC, RLSD32A121LC, RLSD32A151LC, RLSD32A241LC and so on. 
Now the function of all kinds of digital products is more and more powerful, but the circuit board is getting smaller and smaller, and the degree of integration is higher and higher. 
And are more or less equipped with part of the interface for human-computer interaction.

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