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TM40P68 Series description:

The TM40P68 series of on-board power lightning protection modules produced by Ruilongyuan Electronics are mainly used for surge protection of power ports in the communication industry. TM series products are divided into single mode protection and full mode protection according to the protection mode. The product is small in size and current. Large capacity (up to 40KA), good protection effect, at the same time with deterioration indication, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and remote remote alarm function, in line with T2 and T3 test requirements.

type Number 最大持续工作电压 标称放电电流 最大放电电流 开路电压 电压保护水平 L-N


脱扣装置 劣化指示
VAC(V) VDC(V) In(kA) IMax(kA) Uoc(kv) UP(kv)
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Sample Application

Sample application

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Sample application