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Switch type gas discharge tube


2RK-8 Series description:

The switch tube 2RK-8 series ceramic gas discharge tube produced by Ruilongyuan Electronics is an active component. It can still work reliably after 100,000 ignitions. It makes full use of the advantages of the arc discharge principle, that is, high speed (forming an arc less than 50 ns) and Good current Ability to generate short pulses of 10 µs, its voltage or current multiplier is extremely high, and low power consumption. Switching discharge tubes can be used in all applications that require the generation of high-voltage pulses, such as the ignition of HID (high-pressure gas discharge lamps) xenon lamps in automotive headlights. Volume: 8.0×6.0mm, voltage range: 230~800V.

Part Number Static Breakdown Voltage VS @100V/S Electrical Life Time
First ignition Value after 24 hours in darkness Following Ignition Values Switching Operations @ +25°C
2R230TK-8<275 V207~253 V200000
2R230SK-8<275 V207~253 V200000
2R250TK-8<300 V225~275 V200000
2R250SK-8<300 V225~275 V200000
2R300TK-8<360 V270~330 V200000
2R300SK-8<360 V270~330 V200000
2R350TK-8<420 V315~385 V200000
2R350SK-8<420 V315~385 V200000
2R380TK-8<460 V350~420 V200000
2R380SK-8  <460 V350~420 V200000
2R600TK-8<720 V540~660 V200000
2R600SK-8<720 V540~660 V200000
2R630TK-8<750 V585~685 V200000
2R630SK-8<750 V585~685 V200000
2R750TK-8<860 V690~790 V100000
2R750SK-8<860 V690~790 V100000
2R800TK-8<950 V720~880 V100000
2R800SK-8<950 V720~880 V100000
*Tips:Please refer to the specification and the physical sample of the application.
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Sample application

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