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RL102 Series description:

The RL102 series glass discharge tube produced by Ruilongyuan Electronics is an overvoltage protection device that suppresses abnormal high voltage pulses and protects low voltage circuits from transient high voltage damage. Volume: 4.3×2.6mm, voltage range: 140~1500V, 8/ It can withstand 0.5kA surge energy under 20μs waveform.

Type Number DCSpark-Over
Min. Insulation
(1kHz-6Vmax. )
SurgeLife Test
Vs Test Voltage IR Cj 8/20μs
V V pF A
RL102-141N140(126~210)5010011000100A 10 times
RL102-181N180±30%5010011000100A 10 times
RL102-201M200±20%5010011000100A 10 times
RL102-251M250±20%10010011000100A 10 times
RL102-301M300±20%10010011000100A 10 times
RL102-401M400±20%25010011000100A 10 times
RL102-471M470±20%25010011000100A 10 times
RL102-501M500±20%25010011000100A 10 times
RL102-601M600±20%25010011000100A 10 times
RL102-701M700±20%25010011000100A 10 times
RL102-102M1000±20%50010011000100A 10 times
RL102-122M1200±20%50010011000100A 10 times
RL102-152M1500±20%50010011000100A 10 times
*Tips:Please refer to the specification and the physical sample of the application.
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Sample application

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Sample application