Foreign sales director


1、Male or female, holder of associate degree and higher, candidate of science major is preferred;

2、The candidate should be fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities and familiar with export service processes;

3、The candidate should be good at customer development analysis and management, as well as team construction and comprehensive management abilities;

4、The candidate should be experienced in exposition related works, for example, China Import and Export Fair Guangzhou, export exhibition and etc, as well as rich experience in the operation of internet-based sales platform;

5、The candidate should be familiar with market demand and market trend, good at market analysis and business development abilities, as well as good interpersonal communication and coordination abilities。

Job Requirements:

1、Take charge of the development of leading products, communication with the customers and maintenance of the customers;

2、Lead sales team to fulfill annual sales performance;

3、Daily management of sales team;

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