1、Holder of bachelor’s degree and higher majoring in HR, management or related profession;

2、Over 1 year of experience in the recruitment and training of employees;

3、Familiarize various recruitment channels, good at development and maintenance of recruitment channels;

4、Familiarize the requirements of core abilities for sales and functional positions, recruitment interviewing skills, recruitment channel sources, as well as use of corresponding assessment methods and tools;

5、With strong task and target oriented awareness and pressure withstanding ability, good at communication and coordination, as well as good teamwork awareness。

Job Requirements:

1、Participate in the annual HR recruitment planning and budgeting; collect, consolidate, assess and develop various recruitment channels; arrange recruitment interview; master certain interview skills and talent assessment method (Able to identify and assess talent);

2、Develop and maintain effective recruitment channels for recruitment of various types of employees by respective departments; provide training and guidance on policy, procedure and standard for employment departments;

3、Conduct statistics and analysis of recruitment data and execute training assessment system; track training effect; revise training program; and improve training quality;

4、Review the resume, credential, certificate and license of the candidate, organize background investigation of the candidate, so as to ensure his/her background and material are authentic;

5、Familiarize HR recruitment, training, wage and performance blocks;

6、Complete other works assigned by direct superior。

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