Marketing director


1、About 35-45 years old, holder of associate degree and higher, major in management or marketing;

2、At least 6 years of experience in business marketing or market management, rich experience in team management and attracting investment management;

3、At least 3 years of career as sales director in related large-to-medium-scale industry;

4、Master updated marketing method, rich experience in the practice of market strategic planning, market development, market design, market management and brand construction;

5、Keen market cognition, market trend seizure and market orientation abilities, profound understanding of the development and market of this industry;

6、Outstanding leadership and team management ability, strong coordination, communication and general planning abilities, and masterful negotiation skills。

Job Requirements:

1、Organize establishment of marketing strategy planning, development planning, sales plan and sales program according to overall business strategy of the company, organize sales promotion in nationwide market, and lead construction of sales team;

2、Submit the scheme for market plan according to general sales target of the company, supervise implementation of whole sales process, and fulfill sales task;

3、Establish market development and promotion implementation plans, establish and execute marketing policy and budget;

4、Establish marketing guideline and policy, and propose on the improvement of internal marketing management;

5、Organize market research on sales condition of our products and those of the competitors, and write market research report;

6、Take charge of sales task in responsible region;

7、Take charge of development of customers as well as promotion and distribution of products。

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