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PS/2 circuit protection


Design Notes:
Protection application:
The maximum amount of data signal used by the PS / 2 interface is 5V, and the data transmission rate is 10,000 bps. When the data transmission rate is reached, the capacitance of the suppressor need not be considered, the Data and Clock signal lines need to be protected from ESD, and the 5VDC power supply must be protected from ESD and overcurrent.
Solution description:
As shown on the left, multi-layer thermistors can be used on power buses and data lines to protect them from ESD. PTC is also used to provide self-recovery overcurrent protection. In addition to the above methods, diode arrays can also be used to protect data lines and power buses from ESD and reduce the number of products.

Supporting solutions: Not applicable.
Regulatory issues: IEC 61000-4-2 is the standard specification best suited for this interface. This test proves that the end product is not vulnerable to ESD.
Characteristics: Not applicable.
Application warning: Not applicable.