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xDSL/dial circuit protection



Protection application:
Dial-up Internet and xDSL circuits transmit signals on the positive and negative lines ranging from audio to 60Mbps. For a dial-up network, the capacitance of the protection device is not important. However, for high-frequency DSL, the capacitance of the suppressor should be considered to ensure signal integrity. Its electrical threats include lightning surges and power line crosstalk.

Solution description:
As shown in the upper left figure, fuses or PTCs can be used to implement power line crosstalk protection, and semiconductor discharge tubes can be used to perform lightning surge protection. If the circuit needs to minimize the capacitance, a gas discharge tube (bottom left) can be used instead of the semiconductor discharge tube to achieve surge protection. The specific device number can be determined by matching the operating voltage and the peak surge current value with the operating voltage and current value of the surge suppressor.
Supporting solutions: Not applicable.
Regulatory issues: For user terminal equipment such as set-top boxes, there are many applicable regulatory standards based on safety and performance, including: TIA-968 GR-1089 ITU K.20, K.21 UL 60950 / EN 60950
Characteristics: Not applicable.
Application warning: Not applicable.
Gas discharge tube
Semiconductor discharge tube
RL250 Series-Radial Leaded High Voltage Polymer PTC 60 V / 250 V
RL600 Series-Radial Leaded High Voltage Polymer PTC 60 V / 600V