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POTS and DSL phone line protection


Grounding reference POTS positive and negative connectors

Design Notes:
Protection application:
This description includes three types of ground-referenced ordinary telephone (POTS) positive and negative connectors. Ground-referenced applications are often associated with the telephone switchboard. Most user terminal equipment (CPE) protection schemes are not ground referenced. POTS (plain old telephone service) lines carry normal telephone voice signals. When ringing, the voltage can reach 275 volts. These solutions can also be used in most ADSL applications (max. Frequency 1.1 Mhz).
Solution description:
Ruilon offers a range of SIDACtor®, TeleLink or PTC solutions. Listed on the left are several common solutions.
Supporting solutions:
With PTC or LFR, devices suitable for this protection can be reduced to "B" devices. Many devices are available in DO-214 / Compak packages. With limited board space, the P6002CB is an excellent solution. In many ITU K.20 applications, "A" devices can be used.
Regulatory issues:
This solution is designed to meet Telcordia GR-1089 indoor standard requirements.
Features: P3206UC is a 2-port solution in a unique 6-pin package.
Application warning: None.