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Circuit protection of SCART interface

Design Notes:
Protection application:
The 12 signal and control lines in the SCART interface need to be protected from ESD. The signals used by this interface include video signals (up to 5 MHz and 2.0Vp-p), audio signals (up to 30 kHz and 12Vp-p), and control signals (up to 3 MHz and 12V). For video and control lines, consider the capacitance of the suppressor.
Solution description:
As shown in the figure on the left, a discrete multi-layer varistor can be used to make the circuit board layout more flexible. These devices will meet the requirements for the capacitance of video and control lines and the off-state voltage of audio lines.
Supporting solutions:
In addition to the recommendations above, the Ruilon portfolio offers other solutions. For example, if you want to use an array layout to reduce the number of parts, consider using a product like RLST236A054LV.
Regulatory issues: IEC 61000-4-2 is the standard specification best suited for this interface. This test proves that the end product is not vulnerable to ESD.
Characteristics: Not applicable.
Application warning: Not applicable.