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T1E1J1 circuit protection

Design Notes


Protection application:
T1 / E1 / J1 lines are concentrated digital phone lines with bit rates of up to 2.0 Mbps. The data signals are low voltage but "phantom" powering schemes are often employed (as shown).
Solution description:

Two CO end options are shown. Each requires a ground referenced solution. The top is an unbalanced solution using 4 DO-214 devices and the bottom is a balanced one using a single 6-Pin SMT package. Regenerators are not ground referenced and use a Simple metallic protection scheme is shown on the right. TeleLink fuses are common components.
Supporting solutions:
Other packaging solutions are offered within the Ruilon portfolio. For instance, all four P1800SC can be replaced by a single P1804UC. Thru-hole packages (TO-92's and TO-220's) also are available.
Regulatory issues:
This solution is designed to comply with Telcordia's GR-1089 inter-building requirements.
Features: Ruilon is the only vendor offering the 6-Pin MS-013 surface mount package.
Application warning: Not applicable.