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Gigabit Ethernet circuit protection

Circuit Protection of Ethernet-Gigabit


Design Notes: 

Protection application:

The data signal voltage for Gigabit Ethernet communication is 2Vp-p, and the maximum data transmission rate is 250Mbps. At these rates, the capacitance and linearity of the suppressor need to be considered. Signal lines to be protected from ESD include T +/- and R +/-.

Solution description:

As shown on the left, a bridge circuit is used with a bias network to achieve the required low capacitance and linearity. The diode is an industry standard and is available from a number of suppliers including Vishay. The P0080SC semiconductor discharge tube is used as a protective element. PTC fuses are common components.

Supporting solutions:

In addition to the recommendations above, the Ruilon portfolio offers other solutions. For some short-distance applications, a simple P0642SA semiconductor discharge tube can be used without the need for a bridge circuit.

Regulatory issues:

This solution is designed to meet Telcordia GR-1089 outdoor and indoor standard requirements.


The design scheme is patent pending, and its performance has surpassed LC-03 devices, especially at higher temperature conditions, and the cost of implementing this scheme is lower

Application warning: None.