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USB 3.0 electrostatic protection


                                                                                                          Circuit Protection of USB 3.0 solution

Design Description:

Protection application:

Solution description:

As shown at the left, there are two options for protection. In the upper schematic, an SP3010 is used on the Super Speed lines, and an SP3003-02XTG is used on the High Speed lines. For an integrated approach, the SP3011-06UTG is used to protect all of the data lines (as shown below).

Supporting solutions:

In addition to the recommendations above, the Ruilon portfolio offers other solutions. For example: If the operating current of the power bus is higher or lower, a PTC with a suitable rating can be selected.

Regulatory issues:

IEC 61000-4-2 is the standard specification most suitable for this interface. This test proves that the end product is not vulnerable to ESD.

Characteristics: Not applicable.

Application warning: Not applicable.