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Circuit protection of LCD panel backlight inverter

Circuit protection for LCD modules


Design Notes: 

Protection application:

Generally, the data transmission rate of LCD modules is less than 20 Mbps, so a protection device with a capacitance value of less than 40 pF can be used. There is an ESD electrical hazard.

Solution description:

As shown on the left (above), discrete multi-layer varistors can be used for flexible layout. However, if the first consideration is to reduce the number of products or save board space, a transient suppression diode array is recommended.

Supporting solutions:

In addition to the recommendations above, Ruilon's MLV portfolio offers other solutions. For example, if the data transfer speed is fast (> 200 Mbps), it is recommended to use a PulseGuard device to ensure signal integrity.

Regulatory issues:

IEC 61000-4-2 is the standard specification most suitable for this interface. This test proves that the end product is not vulnerable to ESD.

Characteristics: Not applicable.

Application warning: Not applicable.