The installation of the SPD production line has been completed, and the work of adding a T1 laboratory is basically completed



In January 2020, Ruilongyuan Electronics reviewed the current situation and conducted careful analysis and judgment on the market share, technical threshold, product sales trend, product line distribution and other data of surge protection products in various industries, and finally determined: increase SPD production line 2 The production area is expanded to 3000 square meters, and a T1 level (10/350μS) laboratory is added. So far, Ruilongyuan Electronics’ SPD production scale has reached 5,000 square meters; the EMC surge test laboratory has been upgraded to a full-wave surge test laboratory.

As of today, the expansion of the production line of Ruilongyuan Electronics has been installed, and the production line has begun to run and debug. At that time, the production line can fully meet the domestic 5G communication equipment supporting needs. At the same time, Ruilongyuan Electronics has basically completed the construction of the additional T1 laboratory. At present, the final equipment debugging and calibration are in progress, and it can be officially put into use in mid-March. After the equipment is debugged, Ruilongyuan Electronics' EMC surge laboratory can complete 10/700μS, 1.2/50μS, 8/20μS, 10/350μS surge waveform tests, especially for power products, Ruilongyuan Electronics can complete All T1 (10/350μS), T2 (8/20μS) and T3 (1.2/50μS) level full waveform test coverage, fully meet the needs of power surge testing.

During the production expansion period, Ruilongyuan Electronics’ internal management has also been adjusted accordingly, especially in the sales and goods supply links, which not only increased the storage space, but also improved the efficiency in the turnover link, so as to meet the customers' goods after the resumption of work. supply.

After the wind and rain, I finally saw a rainbow. Ruilongyuan Electronics is not afraid of difficulties and goes against the trend. We have devoted ourselves to our work and continue to provide services to customers and the society as always.

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