Selection Guide for Semiconductor Discharge Tube



TSS thyristor semiconductor discharge tube is a switch type overvoltage protection device connected in parallel in the circuit. It is usually in an open circuit state. When an abnormal overvoltage pulse reaches its breakdown voltage, it will quickly change from a high resistance state. In the low resistance state, the instantaneous surge current will be bypassed and discharged. Due to the effect of negative resistance, and the voltage at the two terminals is less than 4V at this time, once the abnormal voltage disappears, it will immediately return to the high resistance state.

It is a switch-type protection device dedicated to the protection of communication signal lines
• There are two types of discrete components and array components
•Response speed is less than 1nS
•General voltage specifications are only about 6/8, 25/30, 58V/64, 65V/72, 75V/90, 90V/110, 120V/130, 140V/150, 170V/180, 190V/230, 220V/260, 275V/310, 320V/350
• With accurate turn-on breakdown voltage
•The capacitance value is generally only tens of pF, AA represents capacitance
•The leakage current is low, generally in the order of several uA
• Diversified packaging, SMA, SMB, TO-92, DO-15, DO-27 SOIC-08, etc. can realize flexible protection in different locations, spaces, and locations
• AA/TA series are SMA, SA/SB/SC are SMB, L is DO-15/DO-27, and E series is TO-92. In order to meet the requirements of higher lightning surge protection levels, Ruilong Source has produced 10/1000uS 150A, 200A series products; at the same time, in order to adapt to the application on the higher frequency data signal line, the capacitance value can reach 25PF, 16PF, and the low capacitance value series products below 10PF to meet the requirements on the high frequency data line. Application protection. The schematic diagram of the working principle of the semiconductor discharge tube is as follows:

TSS thyristor semiconductor discharge tube is widely used in the protection of semiconductors and sensitive devices, usually used for surge protection of communication signal line circuits to protect the internal IC from transient overvoltage impact and damage
• Data line protection
• RS232/RS422/RS485 interface card
•XDSL and ISDN, HDSL transmission equipment
• User front-end equipment, such as: telephone, modem, etc.
•Central office line cards
• T1/E1
• PBX and other switching equipment
         Ruilongyuan's semiconductor discharge tube products comply with the corresponding provisions of RoHS WEEE and have passed the inspection of the corresponding testing organization to meet the corresponding test standards: UL60950, GR1089, ITU K21, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61643-341, GB/T8802.341 And other standards.

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