Test result: The door lock control board has passed the 8/20us surge test, the protection components are normal, and the product has no abnormalities. Differential mode ±2KA, common mode ±3KA, F2 and F3 are replaced with 2R 2512 resistors for testing. Ru



In the afternoon of 2017.7.21, under the leadership of our salesman, a Shenzhen Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. came to our company to test lightning protection devices. Deng Gong and Hui Gong of our company received warm receptions to help customers complete tests and solve technical problems for customers.
Product Name (EUT): Lightning Protection Device
Products used: 14D561KJ varistor, 2R600TB-8 discharge tube
Test Item: 1.2/50us&8/20us
Test environment Climatic Condition:
Relative Humidity: 51%
Ambient Temperature: 23 ℃
Atmospheric Pressure: 101 kPa
Equipment used: Intelligent multi-waveform surge generator KV5302
Test picture:

Test result: All test items passed the corresponding test conditions, and there was no abnormality during the test!
Ruilongyuan Electronics welcomes you to come to our company for testing.

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