ZTE came to our company to test RJ45ICM surge test



On September 1, 2017, under the leadership of our business manager, ZTE’s technical staff brought their product RJ45ICM to our company to test the 10/700us surge.
Product name (EUT): RJ45ICM(100Base-T 2Port)
Test Item: 10/700us surge test
Equipment used: 10/700μs combination wave generator
Test picture:

Test Data:

Test result: RJ45ICM (100Base-T 2Port) undergoes a 10/700us surge test, and no abnormality is found after the positive and negative L-PE tests are tested five times!

Ruilongyuan Electronics, welcome everyone to come to our company for testing and communication. If you need to test, you can make an appointment with online customer service,, thank you for your support to Ruilongyuan.

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