Our company conducts surge test of lightning arrester for a lighting company in Shanghai



On September 22, 2017, our company received a sample of lightning arrester sent by a customer in Shanghai, and the customer requested a surge test. Since the customer is in a field, it is not convenient to come, our company conducted a test for the customer.
Product Name (EUT): Lightning Protection Device
Test Item: 8/20uS current surge test
Equipment used: 8/20uS surge test platform (80KA)
Test picture:

Test result: The test shows that the three samples are energized and it works normally (green indicator light is on). For the three samples, 8/20us current waves (10kA and 20kA) are used to impact the LN and L-PE surges. After the test, the three samples are applied again. Power on, it shows that the lightning protector is not damaged, and the green indicator light is on normally. It shows that the lightning arrester samples can withstand the 8/20us current wave surge impact of 10kA and 20kA.

Ruilongyuan Electronics, welcome everyone to come to our company for testing and communication. If you need to test, you can make an appointment with online customer service,, thank you for your support to Ruilongyuan.

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