Successfully concluded | Ruilongyuan Electronics is home to the 2017 Brazil International Electronics Show!



This summer half of China is very hot. It is really hot. I believe that many people are like me. Since the beginning of summer, I have only won the favor of the sun. I told the sun that it should be covered with rain and dew. But the sun If you just don’t listen, just show me, just show me, just show me...

But I heard that the temperature in Brazil in the southern hemisphere is just right, not hot~

Not a few days ago, the children’s shoes exhibited by the Ministry of Foreign Trade spanned more than half of the world.

Flew from faraway Brazil back to Ruilongyuan's embrace!

Ruilongyuan 2017 Brazil International Power and Electronic Components Exhibition

It ended successfully in the Sao Paulo Convention and Exhibition Center,

As the largest international power electronics exhibition in South America,

Ruilongyuan Electronics also returned with a full load at this exhibition!

Four days of exhibition,

The children's shoes of the foreign trade department greet every customer with the most cordial smile.

Every time you exhibit,

Ruilongyuan Electronics is working hard and transforming towards better!

Ruilongyuan people have been on the road, committed to providing global customers with world-renowned overvoltage and overcurrent protection components and complete circuit protection solutions!

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