In December 2019, Ruilongyuan Electronics won the "Blue Dot Award"



 On the evening of December 27th, the 4th "Blue Dot Award" Awards Ceremony and Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce 2020 Orientation Gala was held at Mission Hills International Convention Center in Dongguan. The "Blue Dot Award" four special medals, including product innovation enterprises, pioneers Growing enterprise, independent brand enterprise, honest enterprise. After conducting expert review and online voting on more than 150 registered companies, 11 pioneering growth companies, 10 product innovation companies, 10 independent brand companies, and 20 integrity companies were finally selected. The selection process is fair, just and open, and accepts supervision from all walks of life. Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics won the "Blue Dot Award" for Product Innovation Enterprise
          This honor is the result of the joint efforts of our company's R&D department, finance department, logistics department and general manager's office; it is an important driving force for Ruilongyuan's independent innovation and independent research and development process.
Since the Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce initiated the "Blue Dot Award", a professional award for the electronics industry in 2015, it has been selected once a year, and this year is the fourth. The "Blue Dot Award" means that electronic technology connects the world of technology and modern life with the flower of technology that flashes with blue dots. The award has been committed to creating a scientific, objective and serious industry award.

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