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Ruilongyuan patent - UVT technology

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     Since the launch of the 20kV ultra-thin surge suppressor in 2014, Ruilongyuan Electronics has continuously improved its surge protection technology and proposed the theoretical concept of surge energy distribution absorption.


      After many experiments, the circuit model was established and the energy distribution module (UVT) was introduced. It was applied to the new surge suppressor, which greatly improved the surge protection efficiency and played a good wave on the protected equipment. Surge protection effect.


瑞隆源 防浪涌



  It is an abbreviation for Ultra low voltage triggering technology. It is a design that advances the high and low voltage energy of the surge in advance. It can absorb the surge energy more completely, and the residual voltage is low, which has obvious protection effect on the back-end equipment, and is especially suitable for the power port with low residual voltage requirement. This technology is patented by RUILON.




Residual pressure:

    According to the definition of ICE61643-11 - residual voltage: is the voltage peak generated between the terminals when the discharge current flows through the SPD. It is an important parameter to characterize SPD protection.


In other words, the highest voltage that is provided to the back-end equipment when the surge arrester completes the surge absorption. The lower the voltage, the better the protected equipment is safer.



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