"TAL20 LED lights power mine plan" test

   Although the end of the year is approaching, but we do not neglect the work still enthusiastic. 2016. On January 26, at Rueilong source Electronics (Shenzhen headquarters) EMC lab, customers are being received from the US LED industry. The customers and our international sales representative Wang has maintained long-term cooperative relationship, this is for "TAL20 LED lights power mine plan" field test circuit.
  The main test project: 1.2 / 50μs + 8 / 20μs combination wave test,; "TAL20 LED lights power mine plan" primarily relates to the use to Ruilong source 20D MOV varistors and gas discharge tubes GDT ceramic products. The degree of protection demanding circuit, with a nominal surge current 10kA, limiting voltage shall not exceed 1.5kV. After 40 tests, each protection program have passed the "TAL20 LED street light power lightning protection scheme."
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