PCB circuit plate toilet

PCB circuit plate toilet, you used?
  Today intelligent prevalence in the world, full of wonders? Only you can not think, no see. Smart home in full swing in the country in recent years a string, but with numerous electronic components are combined in a toilet made of PCB board, maybe you also rare, right?
  Today, see a designer named Steven Rodrig, designed out of a combination of electronic components on the circuit board from the toilet full of eye-catching online. The designer usually are quite creative creation of some new products, such as this creative toilet. The creative source of the Earth's electronic waste is harmful to the environment has become increasingly prominent, with the awareness of environmental protection, people as low as possible to reduce waste pollution problems caused by these high-tech electronic products, so the production of these waste into a variety of printed circuit boards household items.

   You can see the toilet by a number of PCB circuit boards, each circuit board is covered with over-current protection of electronic components; more clearly can see there: PTC since the resumption of insurance, MOV zinc oxide varistors and discharge and other products. Although the creative score, but represents also heavy enough flavors, such as toilet, we dare to use it?

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