Secret secret electronic components buyers distinguish between true and false components!

When it comes to genuine components, it is nothing more than the need to identify what, or loose components are original goods new goods. Here, the bulk of new goods, is refurbished parts or disassemble parts, is reprocessed device processing, so the industry generally referred to as bulk of new goods. With the same price, who want to buy, the new features of the new device, so this requires some common sense to distinguish what is original new goods, which is what we call the bulk of new members.
1, to see whether the integrated circuit chip surface polished traces. Where the polished surface of the chip will be fine lines even before micro-printing marks, and some are still chips to cover the surface coated with a thin layer of paint, it looks a little shiny, no Schomburg plastic texture.
2, see print. The vast majority of chips now use laser marking or printing presses with a dedicated chip, writing clear, neither prominent nor vague and difficult to erase. Refurbished chip edge by either writing while cleaning agents corrosion "saw sense" or printing fuzzy, shades, malposition, easily erased or too conspicuous. In addition, the printing process is now IC manufacturers have already eliminated, but many chip renovation due to cost reasons still use screen printing process, which is to determine the basis for one, will be slightly higher than the printing of the word chip surface, you can feel the subtle touch of injustice or astringent feeling. But it must be noted that due to the recent small laser marking machine is priced significantly lower, refurbished IC more laser marking, some new film will use this method to change the wordmark or simply re-fight to improve chip grade, which requires extra attention, and more difficult to distinguish between methods require trained "eyes." The main method is to look at the overall coordination, writing and background pin recency discrepancies as wordmark too new, too clear possibility in question is also large, but especially a lot of small factories some small domestic IC companies The chip was born that way, which is identified to add a lot of trouble, but the mainstream chip makers to judge this method makes sense. In addition, the recent use of laser marking machine modification chip labeled the phenomenon more and more, especially in the memory chip and some high-end side, and once found the location of individual letters missing laser marking pen with uneven thickness, can be identified It is Remark of.
3, see the pin. Where bright as the "new" tin pin must refurbished goods, the vast majority of genuine pins of the IC should be called silver foot, but dark color coupler uniform, there should be no surface oxidation traces. Also pin DIP and other plug-ins should not have scratch marks, even though (again packaging will have) had scratches should be neat and exposed metal in the same direction at the finish without oxidation.
4, see the device production date label and packaging plant. Genuine labels include chip underside of the label should be consistent and produce goods with consistent time with the device, without confusion Remark renovation sheet labels, production time varies. Although consistent Remark chip front label, etc., but sometimes irrational values (such as what standard "lucky number ') or the production date and the device does not match the product phase, the bottom of the device and the label also shows if the device is very confusing Remark of.
5, the measured thickness of the device and see the device edges. Many original polished refurbished laser printer chip (power device mostly) due to the removal of the original mark must be polished deep, the overall thickness of such devices will be significantly smaller than the normal size, but does not compare or caliper, lack of general experience of people still hard to tell, but there is a workaround see through law, that see the front edge of the device. Because after the plastic injection molding device must "release", so the device edge rounded corners (R angle), but the size is not very easy this time round, ground right angle grinding process, so once the device is at right angles to the front edge It can be judged as polished goods.In addition, there is a law then is to see whether businesses have a lot of the original packaging material, including the identification of consistent internal and external cartons, anti-static plastic bags, etc., should be more practical to identify Fawzi use, there is a problem can be identified goods quality of the device. If we can not write the chip with the naked eye and experience we can use to judge a writing tool, such as a digital magnifier magnifying glass and polished refurbished chip table and we have tiny holes is difficult to see with the naked eye that we would have to rely on ! equipment to observe a few points:
1, see typing. General renovation of the re-fight promoter (white) with a chemical thinner can erase the word is generally refurbished goods, the original goods is indelible.
2, see the lead angle. Original goods very neat and like pins in a straight line, while the renovation of the treated some irregular and somewhat crooked foot.

3, see the positioning hole. Positioning holes in the original goods are relatively consistent, refurbished and some shades or simply really a polished flat, some if you look closely can see traces of an original positioning holes. In practice also carefully observe the observation, some counterfeiters process quite high, particularly in the procurement to be careful!

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