Tentative analysis on current development status of global fuse market

Market research report of fuse industry indicates that plug fuse products are widely used in circuit protection and EMI signal filtering in the fields of communication, computer, appliance and automobile around the world. The fuse is fuse protector, which not only protects other components, but also be safe in use, with critical function in circuit protection.

In case of occurrence of impermissible abnormal over-current in the circuit, the fuse must operate in set time. In case of surge current (Up to tens of times of operating current sometimes) at the time of connection or disconnection of the circuit, the fuse should be able to withstand surge current without faulty operation.

How about current development status in global fuse market? Following three main features are indicated:

First, plug fuse market witnesses continuous growth at high speed. More portable and light-thin electronic products of stronger functions are released and continuously permeated to each field of human production and living; moreover, with engineers’ increasing integrated circuit design ability and awareness of safety, when requirements for service functions of products are met, more engineers focus more on safe use of products, to the extent makers of copycatted mobile phones not using fuse before have to add fuse, for this reason, chip fuse market will grow at a rate of about 10%.

Secondly, due to smallness and low power consumption of electronic products, fuse of smallness and low current are also required. Currently, mainstream size of fuse is 0603, accounting for about 50~60% total shares of chip fuse market. It’s expected that demand proportion of 0402 fuse will maintain increase, and even 0201 application demand will be required for some special application situation.

Thirdly, demand is diversified. As currently sued fuses are universal parts, and a few series of fuses cater myriad of application situations. However, ther’re various applied circuits, and customers impose personalized requirements for fuse performance, which call for integration of more and more intelligent functions in the fuse, thus intelligent and modularized fuse market will emerge in the future.

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