Bourns launched new bipolar FLAT GDT (gas discharge tubes)

Bourns launched new bipolar FLAT GDT (gas discharge tubes)

Bourns, a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components with global fame, launched thin bipolar gas discharge tubes, FLAT® GDT 2017 series, with innovative flat encapsulation and level-type circuit design, it can be used in telecommunication and industrial communication equipments, surge protective devices and PCB assembly, and meet the requirements for application to high density and confined space, as well as more sensitive over-voltage protection in modern times.

In comparison with common 8mm Bourns® GDT, the new component saves 75% space by volume, furthermore, one more time of FLAT® GDT 2017 tubes can be placed vertically within equal PCB space in traditional 8mm GDT. This features a breakthrough progress in view of less use of volume and space in the design of circuit protection. In addition to less height and volume, Bourns is innovative in creating thin GDT while maintaining high isolation and current surge withstanding capacity under over-voltage condition. FLAT® GDT 2017 provides excellent rated value of surge current, low leakage current and low insertion loss, and capacitance value remains unchanged under various voltage levels. Moreover, signaling and system operation is not interfered, and optimized reliability and performance of products meet the requirements of complicated electronic equipments today.

Kurt Wattelet, Product Manager of Bourns, said that “Bourns® FLAT® GDT 2017 not only retains the features of traditional GDT, but also remarkably saves scarce PCB space, which helps solving the problem of confined space in which high density application is designed. Bourns’s engineering development team adopted unique isolation path  to “squeeze” GDT axial structure, which, in comparison with traditional GDT, successfully reduced the height and volume of products, and hence invented new standards for design of small circuit protector.”

FLAT® GDT 2017 series of products are in line with ITU K.12 Class III standards, rated current is 10 kA (8/20 μs waveform), DC breakdown voltage is 90~500 V; diverse options of production encapsulation are available, including horizontal (Welded on circuit back panel) and vertical surface chip encapsulation, in addition, pin-less encapsulation is available for clamp or grip application, so as to increase design flexibility by the customers.

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