Electronic components are commodities with the highest import volume in recent years

Electronic components are commodities with the highest import volume in recent years

It’s reported that the 17th China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON 2015 Electronics Exhibition  will be held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center during 16~21 November, 2015.

International Hi-Tech Fair Hi-Tech Fair, also called China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON, is China’s largest, highest level and most influential technological exhibition, for many years of exhibition, this event has gradually become the compass of electronic industry in China and even in Asia, when large number of enterprises in the field of electronic components will attend.

Bao Yi, CEO of Union Net, was enthusiastic about the event. Authoritative data indicate 10% year-on-year growth in electronic information manufacturing during Jan and August of 2015, much higher than the average of all industries, and the industry of electronic components witnessed the fastest growth. Also, Guangdong provincial government strongly drives “machine replacing human” project, and some famous appliance makers used a lot of robots in replacement of workers in production lines. Bao Yi said that it’s a uncommon chance for makers of electronic components from the increase of electronics industry and boom of industry robots.

With changing environment of electronic industry, more and more makers of electronic components are forced for industrial restructuring, in that they not only supply components, but also provide one-stop tailored system solution, as well as design and purchase platforms. Union Net has geared to the environmental change, and its affiliated online components mall,  has opened solution block, service providers admitted may provide the users with all-round solutions, and let them experience one-stop purchase service; also, will launch the first APP mall of electronic components in China, which will provide the customers with better service.

Electronic components are commodities of the highest import volume in recent years. Data issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China indicate that during Jan and August 2015, import volume of electronic components to China was worthy of 187.3 billion US Dollars, 1.4% year-on-year increase. Under this situation, Chinese enterprises of electronic components shoulder heavy responsibility to realizing Made in China by 2050. At the event of ELEXCON2015, we’ll see the efforts by Chinese electronic components makers.

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