Ruilongyuan Electronics will hold 2016 year-end party

The time elapses quickly and comes into another year, when we’ll reunite here to celebrate a warm spring festival. The happy time at 2015 year-end party is still in our memory, when the bell of a new spring will ring.
Attention: 2016 year-end party of Ruilongyuan Electronics will be held at Fortune Hotel, Conghua, Guangzhou on January 15, 2016.
This event will be different from past traditional year-end parties in the theme of “Get ready, achieve together, 2016 enjoy along the way Spring Festival party”, which aims to bring the employees to the nature, relax their mind, exchange their ideas, and arouse their sense of the company as a harmonious and warm family. The party consists of four subjects, namely, sightseeing, work report, year-end conclusion and performance & lottery. An old saying quotes “should a master who treats me as an able man, I’ll not disappoint his trust;” go on, Ruilongyuan Electronics, go on, 2016!

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