2015 year-end conclusion of Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd

Hello, leaders and colleagues,
       In retrospection of our performance in the past year, it can be summarized by “favorable in situation, certain achievement has been made”, still, many problems and imperfections exists, which we need to do more to resolve in the right way.
       In the past year, under the leadership of the management, all fellows, worked together and forged ahead as one according to business objective established in the beginning of the year, and satisfactory achievement was made through our joint efforts, that RMB82000000 business income was made in the year of 2015. Given the situation of economic downturn, it’s uncommon for us to make such profit, which would have been impossible without the diligence of all employees, from the top to bottom; here I’d appreciate my truehearted thanks for and on behalf of the company as a whole family!
      2015 was collapsed; upcoming is the year of 2016 with opportunity accompanies challenges, as well as risk in company with profit. Everything will be better in the new year, and we hope all fellows to take initiative, unit as one, do respective jobs with enthusiasm, work hard to make progress, go on with more passion and ambition to make efforts for realizing 2016 annual objective and task, so as to make more achievements.
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