Ruilongyuan electronics  company has established a perfect environmental control system. "Caring for the Earth, life care, environmental protection, prohibit toxic substances, compliance, continuous improvement, energy conservation, environmental awareness," is a source of environmental policy Ruilong!
        Control environment against hazardous substances, Ruilongyuan electronics company has  been configured with the appropriate detection equipment, the incoming, process and ship products for all aspects of monitoring.

No. Product category UL TUV CSA VDE
UL1449 UL497B
1 ceramic gas discharge tube E465335 5530601_T
2 glass gas discharge tubes E465335 5530601_T
3 varistors  5530601_T
4 semiconductor discharge E465335 5530601_T
5 recoverable fuse 5530601_T
6 TVS Diodes 5530601_T
7 thermistor 5530601_T
8  mine CE certificate 

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