Quality is the survival of the enterprise, is the embodiment of dignity. Based on exceeding customer expectations, develop our perfect quality" approach, Ruilon company constantly optimize product quality, improve product reliability to a higher depth, faster, better service to customer satisfaction!
       After years of rapid development, it has got the ISO9001 quality system certification and the United States UL safety certification.

No. Name Certificate No. Effective Date System compliant / Edition
1 management system Kingdee  long KIS
2 QualityManagementSystem
00912Q10569R0S 2015-04-11 GB/T 19001-2008-ISO9001:2008标准
3 Environmental Management System
4 Hazardous Substance Management System
5 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
6 State-level high-tech enterprises in national GR201544201239    three years national leve
7 Power Supply SPD -IP67 Safety Certification
GCTC-160201727C    three years IP67
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