Circuit Protection of eSATA Port

Design Notes:
Protection Application:
The data signals used in external SATA Interface ports have a data rate of 1,500 Mbps (Gen I) and up to 3,000 Mbps (Gen II). The signal lines to be protected from ESD include Rx+, Rx-, Tx+ and Tx-.
Solution Description:
Due to the extremely high rate of data transfer, the capacitance of the ESD suppressor must be minimized. As shown at the left, low-capacitance (0.45pF) silicon protection arrays can be used.
Companion Solutions:
Other form factors such as MSOP-10 (SP3003-04ATG - pictured below) are available, depending on the design preference of the design engineer.
Regulatory Issues:
The IEC 61000-4-2 will be the most appropriate standard that applies for this port. It supplies a test method for verifying that the end product is not susceptible to ESD events.
Unique Features:
Application Warnings:

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