Cable/satellite TV, digital terrestrial TV input circuit protection
The solution:
Design description:
Application of protection:
These input radio signals are transmitted by radio frequency band, various television frequency they will expand,
Respectively is: analog TV - 806 MHz; Digital TV - 698 MHz, cable TV - 1000 MHz; Satellite - 2500 MHz. Because these signals with high frequency attributes, so you must consider the electric capacity of suppressor, to avoid the signal attenuation. These electrical threat from lightning surge and ESD.
As shown on the left, the use of a gas discharge tube to protect the input signal line. Specific device number should be through the surge of peak pulse current value match the corresponding gas discharge tube current value to determine.
Form a complete set of solutions: not applicable.
Regulatory issues: because the input vulnerable to lightning surge damage, its reference test conditions shall be UL 1449 and IEC 61000-4-5 standard. Commonly used is 8 x20 waveform.
Features: not applicable.
Application of warning: the capacitance value of the ESD static protector is also low, but should not be used for the input line. ESD of electrostatic protection function is not strong, cannot provide lightning surge protection; These devices are designed specifically for ESD protection.
Nf SMD4532-090
2 r090sa - 5

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