Wang Xuming

General Manager:

Dear friends from all circles:

Welcome to visit the official website of Ruilongyuan Electronics. From production and market operation of electronic parts to possession of private brand, Ruilongyuan Electronics has developed for 20 years, a history of encountering and overcome numerous hardships as well as harvesting as a result of diligence and hardworking, which I’d express my thanksgiving to all supporters and patrons, especially the generous support and selfless care from new and old customer all the way.

Nothing is trivial in safe production; in our history of 20 years, we always follow the production concept of “standard operation, international quality”, and meet the demands of domestic and foreign customers with high-quality corporate team, high-class product quality, mature technical solution and premium market service.  Today, our products are nearly indispensable component of all electrically and electronically powered products, and widely used in many fields, such as communication, security, power supply, automobile, solar energy, household appliance and consumer electronics.

Under current economic situation, over-voltage and over-over-current protection market is featured by the trend of industrialization, compactness, high power and integrated over-voltage and over-over-current protection; “integrative development” will become an all important form driving industrial innovation, which imposes uncommon opportunity and big challenge toward both traditional and emerging enterprises. It’s a matter of fact that an era of interconnection of everything and innovation of everybody is coming.

To deal with, we’ll tap our potentials on the basis of existing products, introduce new know-how, new materials and new processes, and make unceasing efforts to improve the performance and quality of our products. We’ll perseveringly pursue perfect quality in the spirit of master, continuously make breakthrough, innovation, transformation and upgrading, persist in the business concept of “create value for customers, employees and the society as a whole”, and spare no efforts to become an international top-class leading supplier in the field of over-voltage and over-current protective components.

As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind. Ruilongyuan Electronics is an enterprise and more an undertaking, the ideal and prize of employee, which need to be built for greater achievement by each employee. We envisages to construct a ceiling-free stage fore ach employee in the course of realization of business vision,  in doing this, they can exert their best of value, show their talent, make due contribution to corporate development and do everything they can for the good of national prosperity .

All friends are appreciated for there are of us. We’d not be here today without your understanding, trust and support all the way. We know well our heavy responsibility and realize the care and expectation form the society and customers, so we’ll spare no pains and forge ahead for the sake of accomplishing their mission and expectation.

Thanks are given to all those in our company for 20 years, and let us go hand in hand with joint efforts and share a blessed future!

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